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TA35+ Redgum Honey (Marri)

TA35+ Redgum Honey (Marri)

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Discover the Essence of Nature's Elixir!┬á­čŹ»

In the heart of Western Australia's pristine forests, the Redgum trees stand tall and majestic, guarding a secret - the TA 35+ Redgum (Marri) honey.

This isn't just any honey; it's a tale of nature's finest nectar, a testament to the harmony of the wild.

Every spoonful of this golden delight promises an unparalleled taste journey, rich and full-bodied, reminiscent of nature's untouched beauty.

But the magic doesn't stop at the taste.

With its powerful antimicrobial properties, it's a shield against bacteria and fungi, a true guardian of your health.

Imagine gifting this treasure to a loved one or indulging yourself in its luxurious embrace.

It's more than just honey; it's an experience, a story waiting to be told.

Don't let this golden opportunity slip away!

Dive deep into nature's embrace and elevate your health and senses.

Secure Your Jar of Nature's Best - Order Now!┬á­čîč

Care Instructions

As all raw honey will crystallise at some point this will happen to your honey, too. To liquify your honey again you simply need to warm up the jars again. Try not to heat it much over 40 degrees celsius so that the honey will remain "RAW HONEY". This can be done in the sun outside on a warm day, in a water bath, microwave or a low set oven.

It will just take some time for the heat to get through the entire jar.

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