About us

We are a family owned and operated business that produces premium Western Australian bees and honey. Our bees are carefully bred to be disease-free and less aggressive, and our honey is natural, raw, and minimally filtered to ensure it retains its goodness! We are a small team and our goal is to amaze our customers with taste, quality and presentation. YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Family run

We are a small family run company based in Perth, Western Australia. What is good for us adults must be good for our kids too. This is why we let nature do what it does best and we let our bees be bees. They find the most nutritious plants and collect the very best nectar, that they then thicken and turn into our delicious honey. We try to harvest only what the bees can spare, and to provide them with the most beautiful environments for them to prosper. This way we keep them healthy and happy and they bring us more honey every year in return!

Quality matters to us

Our process is simple. We take frames of honey from our hives and we scrape off the little layer of wax that keeps the honey in the honeycomb. Then we spin the frames around and out comes the most pure honey in the world! Unlike most of us humans, bees seem to enjoy working all the time! They just don't like to sit still! When we take a full box of honey off it sometimes feels like they are joyful to find more room in their hives and a new purpose to fill all the empty frames we return to them!

From our backyard

Our honey comes from areas around Perth, Western Australia from mostly Eucalyptus trees like Paperbark, Redgum, Whitegum, Banksia, Jarrah, and Blackbutt, as well as ground covering spring wildflowers. Many of these plants have other names like Marri, Redbell or Parrot Bush.

The high Eucalyptus content of the nectar makes our honey very high in antimicrobial properties. The vast natural old forests around us allow us to deliver some of the purest honey in the world.

Access to so many untouched areas is one of the good things about living in the most isolated capital city in the world!

Our bees harvesting Redgum honey