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NUC 4+1 Frames in corflute box

NUC 4+1 Frames in corflute box

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Our NUCs (nucleus) are provided in a coreflute box that you can keep. We provide 4 frames of bees, honey, brood and pollen, and a young queen from our breeding program, as well as 1 empty frame. This allows a few weeks before they have to be transferred into a bigger hive. Our NUCS come in WSP size or in Full Depth (this is the size that a flow hive will use). 

If you would like your NUC encased in a netting bag for safe transport we can provide that at a small additional cost.
Pick up from Bayswater (Perth, Western Australia) only.



Care Instructions

As all raw honey will crystallise at some point this will happen to your honey, too. To liquify your honey again you simply need to warm up the jars again. Try not to heat it much over 40 degrees celsius so that the honey will remain "RAW HONEY". This can be done in the sun outside on a warm day, in a water bath, microwave or a low set oven.

It will just take some time for the heat to get through the entire jar.

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